Dental Savings Plan: Affordable Dental Care

Many patients have access to traditional dental insurance through their employers. That’s not the case, however, for everyone. There are a significant number of people who either aren’t eligible for or can’t afford this type of insurance. To help patients have regular access to affordable dental care, Cape Lookout Family Dental is proud to offer a dental savings plan. The savings plan may be used in place of insurance or as a supplement to insurance coverage.

The Dental Savings Plan

With traditional employer-provided or individual dental plans, there is usually a low monthly premium to pay. However, when it’s time for routine or more extensive procedures, costs can sky-rocket, leaving you frustrated and with empty pockets. Cape Lookout Family Dental’s Savings Plan is an annual membership plan that provides the same dental care you might enjoy through your traditional insurance. The annual pricing ranges from $259 for kids to $299 for adults. Benefits include:

  • (2) Dental cleanings and associated x-rays
  • (2) Fluoride applications
  • (1) Emergency limited exam
  • 15 percent off dental services
  • No waiting period
  • No limits
  • No caps

These same procedures could cost well over $600 out of pocket without insurance. With this dental savings plan, you can obtain quality dental care at half the cost.

You May be a Great Candidate

Cape Lookout Family Dental wants everyone to take advantage of regular dental appointments, which benefit overall health. Our dental savings plan is a great way to get the care you need, no matter your circumstance. If your employer doesn’t offer dental insurance, the savings plan is a great way to get affordable care without the stress. If your employer does offer insurance but the premium payment is a bit much for your family’s budget, the dental savings plan can be a helpful way to supplement costs.

Self-employed contractors can also benefit from the savings plan. Entrepreneurship can be a great thing! However, the freedom of creating your own income also brings the responsibility of doing everything for yourself—including finding dental insurance. The Cape Lookout Family Dental savings plan is a great option, providing much needed care without the monthly financial burden.

Sign Up Today for Affordable Dental Care

No one should go without regular dental care. Call us today to sign up for our dental savings plan or to request more information.

Terms & Conditions

  • The plan is only valid at Cape Lookout Family Dental. Care from specialists or another dental office is not included.
  • Patients with dental insurance are not eligible.
  • The plan will last for approximately (1) year from the date of purchase.
  • After the first year of membership, the introductory promotion of 15% off all dental services will be reduced to 10% for every year there afterwards if the member chooses to renew.
  • If a member fails to show for an appointment without giving 24-hour notice, the missed appointment will count towards the scheduled service of the plan.
  • This plan’s discount may not be combined with any other promotion.
  • Members of this plan may not use CareCredit in addition to the plan’s discount for any treatment.
  • The dental cleaning provided in this plan is the Dental Prophylaxis CDC D1110. Any member requiring any other form of dental cleaning or periodontal therapy is not eligible for the dental cleaning covered by the Dental Savings Plan but is eligible to use the plan’s discount for such treatment.